What we stand for

Non-Fungible Item (NFI) is a three-dimensional (3D) NFT-based digital collectible that can be used in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality/Metaverse (VR).
The company produces high quality 3D NFT Items (NFI) that can be integrated into everyone’s digital lives using Augmented Reality (AR). NFI owners are able to showcase their NFI on social networks. Blockchain allows traceable proof of provenance, ownership, and transparency on every NFI. The company’s objective is to develop usability and mass appeal for digital items.
NFI is a team of world-class 3D specialists, visual designers, motion graphics specialists, computer vision engineers, software engineers, blockchain developers, creative marketers and content producers.

Company Vision

NFT As Luxury Good

- As the world transitions from Web2 to Web3, NFT projects have started to fulfill the psychological needs of their early adopters in the same way luxury brands satisfy customers in the physical world.
- Morgan Stanley, a global investment banking and financial services company, estimated that the NFT market for the luxury industry will be worth $56 billion annually by 2030.
- 10 luxury brands that have embraced NFT technology; Balmain, Burberry, Cult & Rain,Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo and Tag Heuer.
- Other than creating brand loyalty,these brands can benefit from adopting NFT as theNFT technology allows for the ease of cycling ideas and products,ease of tradability/liquidity, zero carbon footprint, proof of authenticity/provenance and transparency of new prices/production.
- According to the OECD, by 2019, 3.3% of world trades in goods involve fake products, valued at $509 billion, which threaten brands significantly. Given the steady increase in counterfeit products and pirated goods, companies can benefit substantially from using NFTs, making counterfeit goods a thing of the past while at the same time offering exciting experiences and exclusivity to luxury items.

3D NFTs & Augmented Reality

Bringing 3D NFTs into AR will unlock the true potential of NFT.
- 3D models in NFT are the latest breakout in the NFT marketplace.In the three-dimensional space, avatars, buildings, apparel, furniture can be easily created as an NFT. These 3D models can be integrated with gaming, virtual reality (VR), metaverse and more.
- When it comes to NFT, it is clear that brands benefit from them in more ways than one and there is no better way to create an immersive experience for customers than using the AR technology.This can be seen in the popularity of Pokemon Go, launched back in 2016, where players can catch digital creatures and bring them into their real environment.
- AR is emerging as one of the most effective forms of social media marketing. AR Filters (Example: Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok face filters) are an excellent opportunity for brands to interact with their customers and increase awareness of their products.
- When compared to other 2D videos, branded AR filters are more likely to be shared by users on their social media as they are fun and more interactive, which then leads to an increased value of the brands. - Meta has started to roll out features that let NFTs feature on Instagram, thus expanding the usability of NFT. The images below are examples of AR face filters created by the NFI designer team that users can share on Instagram:
- Meta has started to roll out features that let NFTs feature on Instagram, thus expanding the usability of NFT. The images below are examples of AR face filters created by the NFI designer team that users can share on Instagram:

NFT For Everyone

- Hype may have been a factor in the rise of NFTs, but their actual utility will be the catalyst for mainstream adoption of NFT technology. The utility of NFT will allow the mainstream audience to attach a more tangible value to owning NFT and this will ultimately be the catalyst for a more widespread adoption.
- We believe by developing utility and mass appeal with NFT for a global audience will help onboard Web2 users to Web3 better than cryptocurrency itself, as speculations and risk do not appeal to everyone.
- Despite the fact that NFT is commonly perceived as a "symbol of wealth," we believe it has the potential to be a consumer product that appeals to a broad audience.
- NFI’s objective is to focus on developing every possible creative segment that appeals to everyone.According to YahooFinance, the Total Volume Traded for Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) in 2021 was $15B while Starbucks Annual Revenue for 2021 was $29B according to WallStreetZen -proving that there are more everyday customers that like to enjoy their beverages than invest or trade in the company itself.
- Our hypothesis is that, in order to fasten the mass adoption of NFT and Web3, we should cater to daily social media users by creating a range of items available on NFI, encompasses all interest areas - including game items, apparel, collectibles, and more, so that mainstream users are able to share their NFI on social media seamlessly.

Driving For Mass Adoption

Branding & Promotion
Branding & Promotion Building the NFI through social media platforms. Promoting NFI is not just to encourage consumers to purchase an item, but to encourage consumers to become a part of an exclusive NFT community.
Our mission at NFI is to help fasten the mass adoption for NFT and the Web3 itself by educating however we can, through videos,twitter space and so on. We believe users should be able to learn about Web3 technology rather than be scared by its fast development.
Endorsements & Product Placement
Wearable NFI unlocks a host of new marketing opportunities for brands. NFI has the potential to completely disrupt influencer marketing, rather than shipping influencers physical products (which is incredibly costly and time intensive), brands can temporarily grant influencers wearable NFI for specific use cases, settings, or events. This also introduces opportunities to pay influencers based on “wears”, or wear duration, versus social posts.
In-store Experience - Real Life Tangible Experience
NFI has a vision to create a real art gallery with NFTs that will allow crypto-natives and crypto-curious to experience NFT. Doodles (a Web3 media and entertainment company) offers in-store NFT minting to their audience during the NFT NYC 2022. Julian Holguin, Doodles’ COO, said “The minting procedure should be fun. Touching and feeling anything elicits an emotional response, I believe. Then they’ll feel it online”.
Prioritizing NFI Community
The relationship between a blockchain and its users is symbiotic by nature. The decentralized network thrives with active developers and users - similarly, the community blossoms when the blockchain project is active, competent, and conducive to growth. It is in everyone’s interest to create a climate that will enable and further this relationship.

Meet Our Team

Variation of strengths combined into 1! We strive together from where we are, and it is from the whole wide world.
Elvin Low
Hui Wen Ngo
Full Stack Engineer
Mohd Rabbil
Motion Graphic Artist
Khalisa Aida
Graphic Designer
Natdanai Mungkung
Full Stack Engineer
Rio Welfaleno
Backend Developer
Ridhwan Karim
3D Artist
Julian Damas Suryawan
Frontend Developer
Chan Kok Yi
3D Artist
Richard Setiawan
3D Artist
Pimnapa Thepubon
3D Artist
Santo Sinar Pandean
Blockchain Developer
Muhammad Hafeez
Motion Graphic Artist
Foo Fang Theng
Motion Graphic & CGI Artist